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Oh growing pains…
The new site is a dream. It’s much easier to find videos, the quality is way better,  the social networking abilities are great (and open new opportunities for the future) , so I’m loving it.
But new web sites always have issues, and one that is dedicated to video only amplifies that. So, here’s an update on what’s going on so if you are one of those experiencing issues, you’ll know what’s going on behind the scenes. (Late nights, let me tell you!)
When the logins for our members were entered into the new system some didn’t get in properly, so some people are finding the site doesn’t want to accept their login. Before launch, the logins tested were fine. Argh! So now, they are all being checked-every one of them-and for those that are naughty, being fixed. You can also call customer service or email help@qnntv.com.
Each and every video file (and there are over 8,000 for the 1,300 videos in our library) had to be redone for the new site. This brought the quality up to the state-of-the-art standards of the new site so you can see more clearly and enlarge the videos. In the process some managed to get re-encoded with hiccoughs so the video and audio are out of whack. Each video has been audited and is being re-encoded and reloaded if need be.
For videos longer than 30 minutes some of you reported being kicked out; logged out. We have our finger on the booger that’s causing that and have it surrounded.  Hopefully the easy fix will work. Fingers crossed.
So in a few years when we decide to launch another new web site you’ll know why I will be ecstatic and wince at the same time! Gotta love technology.
Thanks for bearing with us,


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