It’s All About the Thread! Part 2

| October 2012 | Episode 307 Part 2

Next up in our month of learning about quilting thread Heather Purcell shows Jodie a lovely red silk quilt that is quilted, naturally, with Superior’s silk thread. A wool batting by Hobbs makes everything puff up beautifully. Next up is Omni, a good-for-everything workhorse thread. Heather then shows us the latest from Superior, Magnifico, a 40 weight thread with lots of sheen that comes in 200 colors.

 Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

 How do you choose a backing for your quilt? It depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish. In her foray into quilt backing options, Vicki shows busy and plain backings, pieced backings and even cuddly soft quilt backs for children’s quilts.

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