TNT – Threads, Needles, Tension with Handi Quilter

| The Quilters’ Community | Episode 26

Cheryl Duncan discusses tension adjustment, needle size and thread. For more information on the Quilters’ Community check out Quilter’! Watch more episodes at!


  1. Excellent video. I would like to see more on longarm basics.

    Betsy, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Very informative. However, my manuals say the bobbin should NOT lift out of your hand. I had an HQ 16, and now have a Babylock Jewel, also made by Handiquilter. Why the difference? I have pretty good tension setting skills, but will try Cheryl’s method and see what happens.

    Cheri Fleming, 2 years ago Reply

  3. This was very helpful. I would love to see more videos on basics. Reminders of what we think we already know can be very useful!

    Sandi, 2 years ago Reply

  4. excellent video really like more information on longarm sewing

    joann bartesch, 2 years ago Reply

    • Joann we have an entire series devoted to longarm quilting on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show. There’s a new show every month!

      jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

  5. I am always amazed at how simple it looks but not so when you begin. I like the tip on setting the bobbin thread and then make the changes on the top tension. Wish close ups on the samples were a little clearer. Thanks

    Pamela Langdon, 2 years ago Reply

  6. Very informative.

    Donna, 2 years ago Reply

  7. I have a Janome and there is no separate bobbin case. How do I know to make adjustments?

    Shyrlee, 1 year ago Reply

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