Selvage Creations

Quiltmaker’s Block Network | Series 200 | Episode 7

Use pieces of fabric selvage and solid colors to create fast, easy quilt blocks with smashing results! Blocks can be set in endless variations so your quilt is completely unique. Join QM’s Interactive Editor Diane Harris to see exactly how it’s done. Diane uses a chalk pencil to mark her triangles and a ruler to square up her block. To watch more free quilting videos, visit and find all your favorite 100 Blocks patterns here!


Organic Teal Quilt Fabric                  Chalk Pencils 4 Count                      Sulky 12wt Petites 6 Pack

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  1. I really enjoyed the video on selvage squares, they has inspired me to save selvages and make some blocks. Do you have 100 Quilt Blocks on a printed form?

    Charleyne, 11 months ago Reply

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