Realistic Quilting for Pictorial Quilts with Cathy Wiggins Full Episode

| November 2012 | Episode 308

During her career in telecommunications Cathy Wiggins painted with watercolors and acrylics on paper, and is now painting on fabric. She’s known for her whimsical designs but is now moving towards more realism in her work. In this segment Cathy shows us how easy it is to quilt realistic grass and foliage designs as fillers to our quilts.

Cathy Wiggins continues to show us how to quilt natural pictorial quilts with wood grains as the topic of this segment. Cathy shows how to duplicate the three types of wooden boards with straight grain, half knots and whole knots and suggests thread weights and stitch length for realistic results.

In Short Takes on Longarm Quilting Jodie asks Vicki Hoth why and how Cathy was using different stitch lengths. Vicki answers that the how isn’t nearly as important as the why. Handi Quilter has two different types of stitch regulation on their longarm machines; the precision and cruise. Vicki shows the difference between the two and why and when you would use each.

Cathy Wiggins continues to show us how to quilt using motifs from nature. Water and sky motifs are added in this final segment of the show. She shows how easy it is to quilt a water filler using wavy lines and curlicues echoing back and forth horizontally across the quilt. Her #1 hint? Keep track of the scale of the filler used and maintain it throughout the body of the quilt.

For more information about the show, visit the Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show web site.

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  1. Î thought these shows came with my membership to the quilt club or is it another $24.00
    Help Natalie or whoever can educate me about this.

    kay wentzel, 2 years ago Reply

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