It’s All About Thread! Heather Purcell “Mother Superior” on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

| October 2012 | Episode 307 Full

Heather Purcell, a.k.a. Mother Superior, joins Jodie to tell us all about thread, specifically Superior Threads which she owns with her husband Bob. In the first segment, Heather tells us why the strong core of Superior metallic keeps it from fraying and breaking as other brands do and she adds helpful hints for perfect stitching. Next up, quilts stitched with Rainbow threads with a 1” color change. Then, the ever-useful Superior MonoPoly invisible thread which is made from monofilament polyester.

In the second segment Heather Purcell shows Jodie a lovely red silk quilt that is quilted with Superior’s silk thread. A wool batting by Hobbs makes everything puff up beautifully. Next up is Omni, a good-for-everything workhorse thread. Heather then shows us the latest from Superior, Magnifico, a 40 weight thread with lots of sheen that comes in 200 colors.

In Short Takes on Longarm Quilting Vicki Hoth addresses quilt backing options. She shows busy and plain backings, pieced backings and even cuddly soft quilt backs for children’s quilts.

Jodie couldn’t wait to try Superior’s metallic thread at the Handi Quilter longarm machine. Sure enough, unlike others she has tried: no frays, no breaks! Heather Purcell suggests investing in thread cards made with the actual thread for choosing thread colors. Then she discusses the difference between 40 weight and 50 weight threads. Her company is all about education and invites viewers to Superior University, a monthly free class you can sign up for online.


  1. Great show!! I just finished a quilt on my Babylock Jewel using So Fine. No lint, no breakage, tension was perfect and easy to pick out when necessary. It was joy to use! I particularly like the smoothness, i.e. silkiness of the thread.

    Cheri Fleming, 2 years ago Reply

  2. the picture is not very clear

    helen, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I loved the content of the video. I’m sorry to say the quality of the video was very pixelated (I saw the pixels instead of the quilting). I’ve never had such a bad quality video before. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? I would really like to see this again but be able to see the stitching.

    Terry Borger, 2 years ago Reply

  4. I am excited to make my first quilt. I am getting help from people who know how, but we are confused as to which fabric is supposed to be u of each fabric and yardagesed whereon the Kayenta quilt. Could you please give us a picture of each fabric instead of a name or a schematic of each fabric and yardage for each color – as I am making the queen size quilt and am afraid of under buying.

    Pat, 1 year ago Reply

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