Fantastic Digitized Whole Cloth Quilts, Part 3

| August 2013 | Episode 405


For the final segment of the show Joe Cunningham imports the files into the Pro Stitcher on the longarm and shows how to work in such a way that the entire picture will be aligned and quilted properly into whole cloth quilts. Finally Joe turns the machine on and, as we watch it stitch out a bit of the picture, Joe treats us to another song from Joe the Quilter. For more easy quilting tips visit the Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at or on DVD!

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  1. Hey Joe! So you are from Flint? So am I. What high school did you attend? When did you graduate? You an Michael Moore are the only high visibility people I know from Flint? Have you been back recently? Oh Flint, poor Flinty! That’s what happens when you are a one horse town. Anyway, I am amazed at what you got the ProStitcher to do. There will probably not be one in my future because I barely know how to do emails. Anyway… really enjoyed watching you on QNN. See you in Grand Rapids next year?

    susan sendelbach, 1 year ago Reply

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