Fantastic Digitized Whole Cloth Quilts, Part 2

| August 2013 | Episode 405


Joe Cunningham shows us how he divided his chosen photo into sections to convert his drawings into quiltable files to turn photos into whole cloth quilts. He steps us through the creation of a couple of blocks, the editing of them and the manipulation of the blocks to have the desired outcome with the Pro Stitcher. For more easy quilting tips visit the Watch more fun and easy quilting lessons at or on DVD!

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  1. Hi Joe & Jodie,
    I have been quilting for four years now and found that I had the same Ideas about doing my own pictures and because I had a long arm that could not perform with the pro stitcher I had bought with it , because my machine did not work the way it was made to do it forced me to learn free hand which made me not depend on the machine, well create the pictures I wanted to with my long arm I bought a Artographe projector which allowed me to blow up any image I wanted and any size I wanted. It was a great freedom for me to bring my photos and other customers photos to life with fabric or just with thread. So I enjoyed the show and am now doing whole cloths now as well. glad to be able to watch the show again.

    Lester Chaves, 1 year ago Reply

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