Half Square Triangles

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In this episode of Quilt Monkey, Katy demonstrates two great methods for sewing the most common and useful quilt block unit in quilting, the Half Square Triangle. This unit is the cornerstone for a fantastic range of traditional and modern designs, which we’ll have fun exploring with Katy in the next two episodes. ShopFonsandPorter.com is a great resource for products to help you make perfect half-square triangles!


  Rotary Cutter 45mm                   Square Up Ruler


  1. This series has been such a disappointment.
    What you have shown us so far is old hat.

    Ciara, 1 year ago Reply

    • Negativity is such a waste. Everyone takes something from a series that is professionally produced. I personally have been quilting for more than 15 years and I manage to glean bits of information from every show I watch. There are new methods being demonstrated constantly and each instructor has their own style. Open your mind and learn.

      Gillian Whaites, 1 year ago Reply

  2. I love this series. I’ve been around the quilting world for over a decade and made several quilts and wall hangings years ago. I’m currently a beginner though. I get overwhelmed by all the many rules I’ve heard. Katy really presents in a clear, organized, and uncluttered way. She makes quilting look attractive and pleasant. When she presents something even as simple as ironing a seam she says that there are different schools of thought and what they are, but doesn’t make it a big deal. She inspires me to jump in and get started and not be afraid of getting it wrong. (She also inspires me to paint my nails. :)

    Heather N., 1 year ago Reply

  3. It’s upsetting to see negative personal opinions posted on public website forums. Even more so for a paid subscription based tutorial forum. If the tutorial is a level below your level of expertise, move on and know this tutorial is posted for someone who is at this educated level. We all have started somewhere and yes this half square triangle has been tought before by many instructors however, each tutorial is a bit different from the next. So next time anyone wants to leave a negative comment on a public forum keep in mind, it may insult someone. Negative comments could be insulting after all the time and energy of the instructor, the production company or crew, has put this together for someone at this level. How about the newbie that struggles at the challenges of bias edges and lack of confidence we all had at some point in our know-how of sewing. Posting negative comments can make a newbie feel as if they should have already known this step and adds to their frustration when a block comes out wrong.

    I applaud the member above who gave such an endearing, heartfelt and positive comment! Quilters can be inpatient however I believe we are polite, encouraging and thoughtful!

    Thank you QNNTV for having this type of learning forum for all quilters no matter their skill level of sewing, for the convenience to learn in the privacy of our homes and on our own time !!!!! :)

    Again, Thank You!

    Jolene, 1 year ago Reply

  4. I am a beginner and love this show tremendously! I am looking forward to all the coming episodes.

    Evi, 1 year ago Reply

  5. thank you Jolene, beautifully said.

    Marj, 1 year ago Reply

  6. I love this series !!! :) This is my second video to watch and i find the instructions are easy to understand . It is refreshing to have a host not competing with a co-host to be more entertaining and talking over each other. Katy is pleasant and professional in her presentations and her style makes it FUN !!!! Looking forward to more :)

    Tammy, 1 year ago Reply

  7. I enjoy this series immensely. I love Katy’s presentation style and find each show to be informative and entertaining.

    Sue, 1 year ago Reply

  8. I guess it’s the British accent that has ye all mesmerized.

    Ciara, 1 year ago Reply

  9. People who put themselves in the public eye, regardless
    of which capacity, have to be tough enough to
    accept criticism. I find it hilarious and at the same
    time insulting that ye had the audacity to dictate to me
    about what I should or shouldn’t write.
    I’m a self-taught quilter (18,months) The first square I made
    was a HST. guess I’m a fast learner. It wasn’t perfect but it
    made me happy. Of course we learn something new every-
    day otherwise we stay static. I’m very opened minded and
    willing to learn so point me in the direction of the tutorials
    that shows how to make HST that’s different from this tutorial.

    Ciara, 1 year ago Reply

  10. I’m new to quilting and I find this video to be extremely helpful. I can’t wait to give this a try.

    Dawn-Marie, 1 year ago Reply

  11. I love Katy’s videos. She explains things very nicely. I learned her hexagon methods after watching several others who talk so fast I had to rewind and wasted my time. I now make great hexies and love doing them. Thanks for the videos Katy. I still don’t think I will ever be able to make HST’s but I enjoy watching. Who knows, I may give them another try. Oh, and yes I am mesmerized by the accent!!! Whoot.

    Cynthia Maki, 12 months ago Reply

  12. Hello Katy,

    Thank you for another great video. While you were making your hst I noticed a broken/or not quite a full wedding ring quilt on the wall.

    Firstly, did you make the quilt? I really like it and would like to make one for myselt. I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to forward me the information regarding the maker. So I can send her/him a small email to say how much I like it. Of course, if you are the maker then I guess I have just told you that your quilt is great. Also as I would like to purchase the pattern for the quilt can you help me with that information. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to forward me the information to:

    Julie Beard at http://www.julie714@adam.com.au.

    Thanks and happy quilting.

    Julie Beard, 11 months ago Reply

  13. This is a great series for me. I learned the basics of old fashioned hand cutting, piecing and sewing from an old lady nearly 30 years ago and, although it was good, I really didn’t get excited about quilting. It seemed so tedious. I was a young woman with so many responsibilities and it was just too much.

    The new way of doing things, with rotary cutter and all the other speedy techniques,plus modern designs, has me excited like never before! Thanks, Katy!!!

    Amanda Sheumaker, 11 months ago Reply

  14. I am enjoying this series personally, because I am a newbie at quilting and some things I just did not understand. It is nice to be able to watch some basic instructions such as this. I do like Katy’s style and she makes quilting look fun and easy. For me, this is a good series.

    Peggy, 11 months ago Reply

  15. I think the series is helpful, clear and inspiring; I am a relatively new quilter so am picking up tips from each episode. That said, I hope that when I am an old quilter, I have the nouse to take advice and ideas from all available sources, rather than dismissing them.

    I am looking forward to future episodes.


    Melissa, 11 months ago Reply

  16. I love Quilt Monkey. I think the fabric choices are quite modern and fun.
    Negativity comes from sour pusses!

    Emilyfaith, 3 months ago Reply

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