Paper Piecing String Blocks

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Wondering what to do with those scrappy leftovers? A String Block using paper foundation piecing might be just the thing for you. Katy has an inspiring pillow that will get you digging into your scrap bag! Katy reminds you to use a sharp rotary cutter and ruler for square blocks and Stay tuned for more Quilt Monkey on!

Papers For Foundation Piecing


  1. Im really enjoying your shows and I have been quilting since 1985 LOL ! It is a refreshing look at these blocks..I remember my first paper foundation quilt was made using an old phone book . It works very well , however It ruined my machine , so Im going to see if my new Janome will take paper without clogging :) Is that a Janome you are using?

    Izzy, 1 year ago Reply

  2. mathematical brain not working this morning, could not work out how wide the strips need to be to get all the points meeting accurately

    Margaret, 1 year ago Reply

  3. I was also wondering about the strip width. Is it 1.5″? Love your videos, I am new to quilting and your presentation is easy to understand.

    Sheila, 9 months ago Reply

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