Holiday Patchwork: Gorgeous, Not Gaudy

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Have you ever wondered how to make your quilted Christmas decorations match your home décor? Mary gives tips on choosing classy holiday fabrics and how to freshen up your holiday sewing projects. Check out Quilty July/Aug ’14 for a course in Christmas color theory.

The background quilt, Geese Migration, can be found in Quilty May/June ’14. For more quilting tips and techniques, watch free Quilty episodes on and check out Quilty’s Facebook!


Small Dashing Stars Quilt Pattern     Santa in the Woods Quilt Kit       Elf on the Shelf Quilt Kit


  1. That is a great vest.

    Gary Harvey, 9 months ago Reply

    • That’s one my mom made, Gary! Back in the 1970s. :)

      Mary, 9 months ago Reply

  2. Does the quilt in the background of this video have a name? I love the play of color. And can you tell me if there is a pattern for it? I bought a lot of purply-gray fabric for another quilt I saw, but never used it, and now I think this would be the perfect quilt. I’m not very good with color, but I can copy pretty well. Thank you much for your help.
    (This is the first time I’ve been on the qnntv website, and the first time I’ve seen you and your Mom in a video together. What a lovely relationship you both have. Reminds me of me of how close I am to my Mom.) Yes I agree with Gary, your vest is very nice. What is old becomes new again. ;-)

    Sharon Vining, 8 months ago Reply

  3. Great tips! I love looking for holiday fabrics and decorations that work year round – great after holiday shopping!

    Denise L., 8 months ago Reply

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