Blocks-a-Go-Go: Big Red (Thousand Pyramid)

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Learn to make a 1,000 Pyramid quilt block and create a gorgeous quilt using the Fons & Porter Pyramid ruler. The equilateral triangle is a beautiful thing. For more quilting tips and techniques, visit and watch free Quilty episodes on and Quilty’s Facebook!

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Thousand Pyramids Master Class      Fons & Porter’s 60° Pyramid ruler

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  1. Two tips when making a 1000 pyramids quilt. (I learned it the hard way after watching this video and decided to make that beautiful quilt. I had to rip off 3 entire rows and resew them in a way that makes life easier.)

    Tip #1: After cutting your pieces with the 60 degree ruler, make sure the blunted point of each pyramid is pointing up (or down) and not sideways. There is only one side of each pyramid that is on the straight of grain and that side must be on the outside of the row, otherwise your row will stretch and it will be difficult to sew the rows together later.

    Tip #2: Press the seems open (and not toward the dark as we usually do in quilting), otherwise you will have to sew through 6 layers of fabric where the tips of the pyramids meet, and that will throw your blocs out of wack.

    Pirouette Dubois, 1 month ago Reply

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