Color on Lace with Allie Aller, Full Episode

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | Episode 112, Full

Lace scraps make great quilt embellishments, but lace is often available in only white, shades of beige or black. Quilter Allie Aller shows the paints, dyes, paint sticks and markers she uses to color lace for quilt embellishment, and demonstrates painting on lace using water-soluble ink blocks, markers, craft inks and water-based resist. The color medium you choose for coloring lace quilt embellishments will have an effect on the lace fibers. Dyes or inks may allow the lace to retain its sheen as the lace absorbs the color, but acrylic paints will sit on top of the fibers. Watch and see the differences. To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit!

Guest Bio:

Allie Aller has been quilting non-stop since earning a degree in design and environmental analysis from Cornell University in 1977. Her quiltmaking style varied widely for 25 years, then the “sumptuous and liberating genre of crazy quilting” became her focus. She is the author of Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting (C&T Publishing) and co-author with Valerie Bothell of Quilting… Just a Little Bit Crazy (C&T Publishing).

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