3-D Flower Embellishments with Allie Aller, Full Episode

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | 111, Full

In this introduction to 3-dimensional flower embellishments, Allie Aller introduces you to the various types of flowers and materials she uses in making flowers for quilt surface embellishment. “To me a flat surface is kind of boring,” she says, and advises quilters to let their imaginations go. She advises playing with whatever components strike your fancy and making the flowers your own. She shows how she uses a running stitch to gather and create dimension and how to tack the pieces in place with a fine thread. Also included is another Fearless Machine Quilting Tip from Gammill. To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit QNNtv.com!

Guest Bio:

Allie Aller has been quilting non-stop since earning a degree in design and environmental analysis from Cornell University in 1977. Her quiltmaking style varied widely for 25 years, then the “sumptuous and liberating genre of crazy quilting” became her focus. She is the author of Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting (C&T Publishing) and co-author with Valerie Bothell of Quilting … Just a Little Bit Crazy (C&T Publishing).

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  1. So these are completely unwashable, just for hanging around or on the wall. Very pretty, not too practical, just art I guess. I tend to make things that are washable, since I like to actually USE what I make, and I have pets and grandkids. Looks like fun, though.

    Peggy, 1 year ago Reply

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