Quilted Pineapple Pillow with Lynda Milligan, Full Episode

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | 109, Full Episode

Expert quilter Lynda Milligan begins the process of making a quilted pineapple pillow by cutting the strips and squares using the pineapple rule she developed. She then assembles the quilted pineapple pillow blocks. Lynda starts with the center square and trims off the points using the Pineapple Rule. This step reveals why it’s important to mark the diagonal lines as shown in the first segment of this episode. Lynda Milligan finishes the pineapple pillow by stitching the pillow top to batting using long stitches, which helps keep the corners square. She uses a regular sewing machine foot because it helps keep the pillow top flat. Be sure to stay tuned at the end for another Fearless Machine Quilting Tip from Gammill. To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit QNNtv.com!


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  1. This was a brilliant program. I have never done pineapple either but was inspired to create a block soon. There were some really practical tips and the project would be great as an introduction for going on to make a larger quilt as it covered process so well.
    Super choice of fabrics and colours. Thanks Lynda and Jodie. The Pam Clarke free motion quilting tutorial at the end was brilliant too. :)

    Anne Garner, 1 year ago Reply

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