Quilted Pineapple Pillow with Lynda Milligan, Part 1

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | 109, Part 1

Expert quilter Lynda Milligan begins the process of making a quilted pineapple pillow by cutting the strips and squares using the pineapple rule she developed. She also provides tips for using a different ruler if you don’t have access to a pineapple rule. In cutting strips and squares for the quilted pineapple pillow, Lynda uses a two-ruler method. And when marking diagonal cuts, she places the point of her pen or pencil at one corner of the square, slides the ruler against it, then slides the other end of the ruler to the other corner of the square. To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit QNNtv.com!


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     Quilts for the Pineapple Rule

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  1. I love the effort your groups take to make our lives easier! It takes lots of time and energy as you know to craft a beautiful quilt, so I am a huge fan of QNN !!! Thanks again, Juanita

    Juanita Ashley, 1 year ago Reply

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