On-Point Patchwork: More Uses for the On-Point Ruler, Full

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | 108 Full Episode

Donna Lynn Thomas offers more tips for using the Omnigrid On-Point Ruler. In this segment, she demonstrates how to make the sawtooth block in Rainbow Radiance. She also offers helpful advice for making half square triangles that measure perfectly when finished and offers cutting instructions for the half-square triangles and squares. When the blocks are completed, Donna explains the borders on Rainbow Radiance. Note that the top and bottom inner quilt borders are a different width than those on the sides. Donna also explains the philosophy behind using variegated thread to quilt the central part of the quilt and white thread in the borders. Last is a quilt trunk show highlighting some of Donna’s other quilts! To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit QNNtv.com!

 Guest Bio:

Donna Lynn Thomas has been sewing since she was 4 years old and quilting since 1975. She has taught quilt classes across the U.S. and internationally. She earned her National Quilting Association certification for basic quiltmaking in 1988. Donna is also the author of several quilt books with Martingale, including On-Point Patchwork, the companion book to the On-Point Ruler featured in this episode and which Donna developed for Ominigrid. She also designed the Bias Stripper™ ruler.


Suggested Products:

On-Point Patchwork: Fuss-Free Diagonals    Omnigrip On Point Ruler       Stripples Strikes Again!:  
using the Omnigrid On-Point Ruler                                                              More Quilts to Make
                                                                                                                    With the Bias Stripper Ruler


  1. I try to watch the full video of on point patchwork but all I get is the preview video. I have tried several different avenues, am already logged in, checked out my member file so what is the problem.? I know I read someone else has had this problem but don’t know the fix.


    Phyllis Good, 1 year ago Reply

    • HI Phyllis – I suggest logging out (or making sure in the top right it says “login”), clearing your cache and cookies and use your username/password. This seems to fix the problem. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues and thank you for being a member of the site.

      kloeffelholz, 1 year ago Reply

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