How to Make The Lots of Dots Quilt with Nancy Mahoney, Full Episode

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Nancy Mahoney is an accomplished quilter but she doesn’t like sewing curves. Instead she uses an applique technique that is featured in her book Simple Circles and Quick Curves: Machine Applique the Easy Way. First, Nancy shows how to make the first block in her two-block quilt Lots of Dots. The next step in making the two-block Lots of Dots quilt is to sew the circles in place. Once the circles are sewn in place, it’s time to make the second quilt block, which is made with strips. The last step in making the Lots of Dots quilt is adding the piano key border. To watch more episodes of Quilters Newsletter Workshop visit!


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Machine Applique the Easy Way


  1. I can see your videos, however I don’t have any sound. My IT guy
    said it is a problem at your end and I should let you known.
    Thank you Pauline Farey

    pauline farey, 1 year ago Reply

  2. The introduction of Nancy Mahoney was really rude. The host introduced her as a very accomplished quilter that had published almost as many books as the host. Really!?! The host needs a really big dose of humility. This is not the first time this host has introduced someone in the same manner. Nancy Mahoney is very accomplished. I have taken a class from her and I can tell you and quite a humble person. If the host is so accomplished, then maybe she should be demonstrating her techniques instead of using backhanded comments to boost her own ego.

    Sharon Naylor, 1 year ago Reply

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