How to String Piece a Quilt, Part 2

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | Part 2


In this quilting video, Elsie Campbell demonstrates how to string piece a quilt by showing her special string piecing technique. She uses her string piecing technique in creating her quilt Dad’s Plaids, which is featured in her book String Quilts: 10 Fun Patterns for Innovating and Renovating (Good Books, She also shows how to prepare freezer paper quilt templates and how to make a Drunkard’s Path quilt block, providing a variety of options for arranging the quilt blocks.

 •Pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013 for the corresponding Easy Lesson.

Hint: click on the photo to view Elsie Campbell’s book, String Quilts, and the Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013!

                                                            Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013 Digital Issue

String Quilts by Elsie Campbell                 Quilters Newsletter June/July 2013

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