The Chicken Quilt Featuring Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey, Part 3

Quilters Newsletter Workshop | Series 100 | Episode 3

Charlotte and Debbie approach quilt design from different directions and eventually meet at the same destination: an interesting, colorful quilt with roots in tradition and updated techniques and designs for today’s quilters. Watch as they show how each made a variation of the same quilt years apart (Debbie in 2005 and Charlotte in 2012) without telling each other and using different design concepts and construction methods. Their DVD and book, both titled Surprise Yourself are available at For more Quilter’s Newsletter Workshop visit!

Surprise Yourself DVD       Surprise Yourself
                                          Simple Steps to
                                          Making Fabulous Quilts   

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  1. I enjoyed the 3 part “chicken quilt series. It is very informative. I will refer back to this series and try to incorporate everything shown by the two lovely ladies.

    Mildred Jamison, 1 year ago Reply

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