Meet Quilt Designer Nancy Halvorsen

Quilt With The Stars | Episode 109, Part 1 | Nancy Halvorsen

Nancy designs, creates and writes from home while orders are shipped from the warehouse in town. View our slideshow of Nancy’s studio and a sampling of her work. Watch Part 2 of this interview and more Quilt With the Stars episodes at!

Hint: click the photos to view Nancy Halvorsen’s books, Jan/Feb issue of Love of Quilting and Whimsical Spring Digital Pattern!




  1. I love this site but am disapointed that I cant view your videos on my new kindle because it doesnt have flash media. I will also try a work around on amazon to see if they can fix but was wondering if there is a work Round on your site. My understanding is that adobe is no longer servicing this program.
    Thanks so much for listening

    Regina Kelley, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I love yoiur fabrics, it is nice to learn more about you. Thanks so much “Quilt with the Stars” for letting us watch this video for free.

    Patricia Ozment, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I loved this! You are as delightful as your mother and Liz Porter. I watch them every chance I get, buy thier magazine, and yet have never made a quilt! Alas!!
    I have several of Nancy’s books, esp the Nativity one. I love her stuff!! I was trying to discover which books were on the table, but I could not see eough of them. I thought maybe the camera would pan them so we could see. I had no idea she had written so many-over 40? Perhaps next time there is something so tantalizing as those books on the table, the camera could show them to us?
    Thank you for this video and for your sparkling personality!!

    Joanne Trent, 2 years ago Reply

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