Learn the Quiltmaker Shuffle!

Introducing: the Quiltmaker Shuffle, choregraphed by Gudrun Erla! Gudrun taught it to a group of quilt designers at Spring Market. See, quilting can be aerobic! Shop, cut, sew, press, sew, press, quilt it, stitch it and show it off!

Participating designers: Lynette Anderson, Andee Andriole, Sandi Blackwell, Laura Blanchard, Debbie Caffrey, Mary Jane Carey, Kari Carr, Melissa Corry, Barbara Corry, Linda Lum DeBono, Terri Degenkolb, Victoria L. Eapen, Cheryl Ann Edholm, Gudrun Erla, Candee Ferris, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Yvonne Geske, Barbara Gordon, Marcia Harmening, Mary Andra Holmes, Chris Hoover, Sandi Irish, Kimberly Jolly, Susan Knapp, Robin Koehler, Susan Marth, Carolyn McCormick, Jo Morton, Cleo Mounday, Lily Nunez, Celine Perkins, Sarah Price, Stefanie Roman, Joanne Rowicki, Debra L. Taylor, Jocelyn Ueng, Margie Ullery, Martha Walker, Ann Weber and Quiltmaker staff.

Music by Kirk A. Johnson, KAJ Productions.

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