Quilt Market 2009 – Low-Carb Maching Quilting in Sections

Machine Quilting in Sections


You can machine quilt in sections on your own sewing machine! Even queen and king-sized quilts! Marti Michell shares ways you can finish more quilts without the expense, or delay, of sending them out. Just divide your quilts into smaller sections – easy to manage and easy to assemble. Marti’s book, Machine Quilting in Sections, shows you six ways to assemble quilted sections, three ways to add borders to quilted centers and a dozen examples of common quilt styles suitable for Low-Carb quilting: medallion, diagonal set, strippy, et cetera. For variety, try Low-Fat Quilting and divide the batting, not the quilt! Read more about the book at FromMarti.com.


  1. I used the “low carb” quilting in sections on a queen size quilt I made for my grandsons high school graduation. The method works easily and saved me loads of time. It is my new way to quilt and finish bed quilts I make.

    Joy Moody, 3 years ago Reply

  2. […] there is a video in the first link that is better. Quilt Market 2009 – Low-Carb Maching Quilting in Sections – QNNtv.com I wouln't mind having that book too! Lorie Reply With […]

    Flannel backing & Quilt As You Go, 1 month ago Reply

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