Quilt Market 2011 – Marianne Fons Introduces Quilts of Valor Quilts

Marianne Fons shows Jodie Davis some of the Quilts of Valor quilts on display at International Quilt Market and explains the project and how you can become involved through the Under Our Wings Program through which a quilter takes a rookie under his or her wing and together they create a Quilts of Valor Quilts.

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  1. I am a mom of two US Marines and a new quilter. This video of the Quilts of Valor brought me to tears. I did not know about the industry wide fabrics for the quilts of valor this year. This is an amazing and wonderful project someone has started and continued with for the past several years. I am also a Gold Star Mom because one of my boys died in the Iraq war in 2006. That is why I first started quilting. I quit my job a year later and needed something to keep my mind and body busy. The 1st quilt I made was for my son’s bed with his favorite colors and it took me a year from start to finish. There are as many tears as stitches in that quilt. I am so excited to hear about all the soldiers who are receiving these quilts. The state of PA is doing a shop hop in Novemeber and I hope to be able to go because I learned that they are using a fabric line from Andover Fabrics for the Quilts of Valor. I am so excited to go and will be able to donate a Quilt of Valor in the future for this great project. Thanks to all who have worked to put this out for all of us quilters to hear about and respond. Thank you for your service to our military families, Sincerely, Annette M Brown

    Annette M Brown, 3 years ago Reply

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