Applique Quilting with Karen Kay Buckley, Full Episode

Quilt Out Loud | January 2013

In the first 7 minutes of this full video episode, Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski chat about the latest quilting news and tools available. During the video, they later visit Karen Kay Buckley to show us her tricks to do applique quilting.


  1. I reported to you a couple of months ago that I couldn’t access Quilt out loud with Patrick Lose interviewing Karen Buckley. You suggested changing my internet acess I did this tried a couple of them including Google Chrome. I followed you advice on for a couple of other changes. I waited to see if the problem would go away and it didn’t. Now I can’t see why I would continue subscribe to qnntv. I can only see the previews. My subscription ends in August.

    Pat PruuelI, 2 years ago Reply

    • Dear Pat. When you are logging into the site, are you using the correct username? We show that you did have 2 accts. Only one is the paid acct. Please check and see if you are logging into your active and paid acct. If not, please email us at:

      Thank you

      ysmith, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Ditch the music playing over top of people speaking. Very distracting and way too loud. I really don’t know what is up with sound people mixing stuff over the last few years or so. The music has to drown out the speaking in videos, documentaries, movies. If people are speaking don’t you want the audience to easily understand it instead of the music to be the dominant feature & for your ears to have to ‘try’ to pick up what is being said?

    Drema, 1 year ago Reply

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