How to Make Applique Circles on Quilts with Karen Kay Buckley, Part 2

| Quilt Out Loud | January 2013

Karen invites Jodie to her pressing table to learn how to make the applique circles that are often found in Karen’s quilts; and often many of them! Over the years Karen has perfected her circles, evidenced by judges’ comments from the quilts she enters in shows. This resulted is a product she markets so appliquers can achieve the results she gets in her quilts. Karen show Jodie how to use her Perfect Circles. And yes, they do come out perfectly! You can master hand applique!

Watch part 3 next.

For further information about this episode, visit the Quilt Out Loud! web site. Quilt Out Loud Series 300

Quilt out Loud: Season 2 DVD


  1. being a member of the Quilter’s Club I think that it is shameful to as for money to view Quilt Out Loud

    Mary Jane Neveu, 2 years ago Reply

    • As a Quilters Club of America member, to activate your Free one year QNNTV membership, please go to the Quilters Club of America website for instructions.
      Thank you,
      Customer service

      ysmith, 2 years ago Reply

  2. why do i have to pay to see these videos when i have a membership? this is vey annoying.

    MARY ANN BABEL, 2 years ago Reply

    • Please make sure you are signed into your paid acct.

      ysmith, 1 year ago Reply

  3. how do i pay for these videos

    sandy rees, 2 years ago Reply

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