Collecting Quilts: Sue Reich on Quilts Tell a Story Part 2

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 312, Part 2 | June 2012

Mark travels to Washington Depot¸ Connecticut for his door knock with Sue Reich, a quilt researcher, collector and author. Sue’s passion for collecting quilts has turned into an amazing collection. In fact when Mark asked if he could see her collection, she asked, “Which one?”

Amongst other eras and themes, Sue has written the “go to” book on quilts made in the WWII era. Her bookshelves are lined with binders filled with her extensive research unfolding the stories quilts tell. She shows quilts including one made from a sailor’s blue winter uniform a redwork Kewpie doll in his WWI doughboy uniform.

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  1. It is fantastic to learn about historic quilts of the World War II era! I had no idea that anyone had researched it and wrote about that time period. Thanks for an inspirational door knock.

    Christy Genne, 2 years ago Reply

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