How to Use the Quilt Index, Part 3

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 310, Part 3 | April 2012

Janneken Smucker (a specialist on Amish Quilts) and Jodie show how to use the Quilt Index, a project of the Alliance for American Quilts. This is a tremendous resource with over 60,000 quilts available to view and best of all, it’s free. We think of Amish quilts as the ones made in the early 20th century that were latched onto by collectors in the late 20th century. However, as the index shows, the Amish made all kinds of quilts. Amish women are connoisseurs of fabric. They love the hand and textures and color.

Back at the Reading Terminal Market, Jodie and Mark do their book reviews (this month featuring applique) and show quilts from the books. They finish up by learning the difference between Chicken Pie and Chicken Pot Pie and topping off their meal with Whoopie Pies. Yummy!

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  1. i like mary on how to have fun and she look confident on her quit job I give credit to her mom to introduce her to fabric and so i am with my mom lets thanks our mothers please continue. great job
    zoraida from bridgeport, Connecticut

    zoraida, 3 years ago Reply

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