Marti Michell & Log Cabin Quilting, Quiltsperation Part 3

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 309, Part 3 | March 2012

Jodie catches Marti Michell at Quilt Market with her block of the month quilt featuring Northcott fabrics from the Stonehenge collection which is coming to a shop near you. In this log cabin quilting example, the blocks will tie the whole quilt together. Marti’s log cabin ruler guarantees accurate cutting.

Back at the Newark Museum, Jodie and Mark do their monthly book review and show quilts from the books along with some other surprises.


  1. Jodi Davis please tell Mark to hurry up and get well so he can come to Alabama, tell him I will put in my teeth and attend anything he is at I love him!! He could be speaking about how to tie your shoes and I would go!

    MARTHA HALE, 3 years ago Reply

    • LOL Martha! He’d love to have the whole thing behind him and come to see you teeth and all! Wonder if he has as funny a story about tying shoes as he does that girdle story of his.

      jdavis, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I signed up for the “Quilt Out Loud” annual subscription, entered my Credit card and agreed to the Pay Pal portion. I still cannot get in to access the videos. Is there a time lag?

    Debbie Swenson, 3 years ago Reply

    • Hi – please click the login button in the top right and sign in with the username and password you created. Thank you!

      kloeffelholz, 3 years ago Reply

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