Label Your Quilts, Keep an Art Journal, & Learn to Strip

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 303 | September 2011

Mark and Jodie provide tips on labeling and discusses the useful benefits of a art journals for quilting! Then they share books that put fabric strips to great use! Jody mentions her interview with Edyta Sitar at the 2011 Quilt Market and suggests that you check it out at! For more creative quilting tips and techniques watch Quilt Out Loud at or on DVD!

Hint: click the photos to view books mentioned in this video!


  1. Mark,
    Wear your bracelet…I do like it alot….men or women could wear that bracelet. It is so appropo for your life…writing, quilting, collecting…fits your personality perfectly.
    Bj Miller

    Betty Jo Miller, 3 years ago Reply

  2. I think it looks great. Besides, if you like it and it makes you feel good it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

    Raylene Gordon, 3 years ago Reply

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