Neat Tote Bag Quilt Designs from Eleanor Levie

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 212 | June 2011-Week 3

Eleanor Levie shows Jodie some tote bag designs and the techniques from her book “Unforgettable Tote Bags: 20 Designs Too Cool to Leave in the Car.” She can say it’s a really great book because a lot of talented people contributed to it including Karen Eckmeier who came up with this quick technique. Start with a purchased canvas tote bag. The easy way to prepare a foundation is to open up the bag by cutting off the seams and top edge. Pellon Peltex II fusible interfacing is ironed on, then tapered strips of fabric are sewn on using the flip and stitch method.

On her bag, Eleanor added pockets and giant rickrack trim. She then shares a technique from Jean Ray Laury. Jean was a force in the quilting world since the 1950’s. Her mantra was to do your thing…don’t be afraid of the quilt police. This is silk screening without the silk and without the screen. Cut a stencil from freezer paper and iron it in place on your tote bag. Spoon a big of textile paint on the paper near the design and use the edge of a credit card to squeegee the paint on. Then peel off the paper. Using this book is like taking a workshop with your favorite quilters.

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