How to Quilt for a Cause with Under Our Wings

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 211 | May 2011-Week 2

Visit with Marianne Fons at International Quilt Market in Houston to kick off the Under Our Wings project which is part of the Quilts of Valor program. Since 2003 over 32,000 quilts have been donated to post deployment combat veterans. The project is a brilliant synergy teaching people to quilt while quilting for a cause. Nine fabric companies have created special fabrics and quilts for the project so you can make a quilt and/or mentor a new quilter. A “coach” brings her own machine and tools and the “rookie” does the sewing. Check your local quilt shop for a workshop in your area.

Then watch part 3 on choosing the correct quilt kit for your projects.

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  1. the videos are more like teasers, you think your going to watch an episode but then this video breaks off to listen to Fons explain the quilts of valor for quilting shops ! Only a shop would want to know this ! then Jodie says “come with me to learn how to make one valor quilt” and its the END of the video.
    Noticed ALL your Qnntv Quilt it shows are like that. Make it one show- like Alex and Ricky do, would be much better use of time.

    Heidi Abreu, 3 years ago Reply

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