Make Patriotic Quilts for the Military Themed Show

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 211 | May 2011-Week 1

The theme of this month’s show is The Military and about making patriotic quilts. Jodie and Mark are at The Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton, New Jersey to visit the Stars and Stripes, Fabric of the American Spirit exhibit of parade flags.

Mark’s door knock is with Love of Quilting’s Marianne Fons who explains the Under Our Wings project which is part of the Quilts of Valor program.

In their “What’s Up” segment, Jodie talks about how the Love of Quilting staff worked together to make military quilts for the platoon of the husband of one of their own deployed in Afghanistan.

And, Mark shows how bright colors make his 1860’s house sing. Amy Hollander, executive director of the museum, shows Mark the exhibit’s flags on display explaining they were carried in parades. The 72 flags, which will be on display until June 14, are part of the private collection of local resident J. Richard Pierce.

Continue on and watch part 2 on how to quilt for a cause.

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