Quilt a Pillow & Applying “Windowing” to Reduce Bulk

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 210 | April 2011-Week 3

What’s more fun than a really cute owl? Join Jodie as Linda Lum DeBono shows how to quilt a pillow using her owl design. All of Linda’s designs are so joyful and full of color. The owl is a fusible project and Linda demonstrates “windowing” to reduce the bulk. She uses HTC stabilizer for sewing as it’s easily ripped away and likes Aurifil Mako’ 50 weight thread for most sewing. Three inch stripes are added to one side and before you know it you have an owl pillow. All that’s needed is a colorful backing and stuffing. It’s book review time! Jodie shows quilting books while Mark shows mixed media books that have nothing to do with quilting. They announce that the whole first year of Quilt Out Loud episodes is available on DVD from QNNtv.

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