Using Modern Fabrics with Traditional Quilting Techniques

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 210 | April 2011-Week 2

Mark shows Linda Lum DeBono’s latest book, Jolly Stuff, as he walks up to her family’s home for a surprise visit. Linda’s mother is visiting from Canada and her husband and two active sons are enjoying a Sunday morning at home. Linda is known for her very modern fabrics and designs using traditional quilting techniques. Her designs have appeared in many quilting magazines. In the stairwell down to her studio they pass an inspiration wall, a wallpaper of funky frames housing a collection of photos of family, projects and works in progress. The large studio is also home to her boy’s activities that are her constant inspiration. She uses kitchen islands as work surfaces and even uses one for sewing standing up. They examine her new fabric line Hugs and Kisses by Henry Glass Fabrics and quilts from her collection. Linda advises viewers to always play with the scale of a design. Design innovators are always in front of the crowd.

Then watch part 3 as she shows how to quilt a pillow.

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