How to WOW with Raw Edge Applique Quilts

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 208 | Feb. 2011-Week 3

Known for her colorful raw edge applique quilts, Liz Hawkins shows Jodie her fabric rugs that are great examples of her freewheeling designs and shows us how to make one. The inspiration…an egg and bologna concoction she made as a youngster. Liz graciously share the pattern for the rug, from “Greetings from Tucsadelphia”.

For the book review, join Jodie back in her sewing room. She shows us some of her favorite quilting books and adds two new books from “That Patchwork Place” that show projects with full instructions.

Then it’s back to the Mercer Museum with Jodie and Mark. Amidst even more of Henry’s collections, Jodie and Mark talk about their own objects of desire. In addition to her huge collection of rubber duckies, Jodie admits she’s cuckoo for cuckoo clocks and shows a few from her home, including the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock she designed. Mark collects ceramic quilt shop houses and has brought several to show. They decide they don’t know a quilter who doesn’t collect something.

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