How to Make Your Quilt Personal

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 205 | Nov. 2010-Week 2

Mark receives an exuberant welcome from two boxers as he enters Julie Stockler’s charming home in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Julie has been quilting for just two years but her home is filled with the fruits of her labors. “I get to play all day with fabrics,” says Julie with a smile. She works at Kaffe Fassett’s nearby store Glorious Colors. The main part of the house is from 1752 with additions in the 1830’s and 1960’s. Beautifully displayed collections abound from Julie’s art quilts to playing cards to animal skulls and her husband’s magic paraphernalia. The lesson? Make your quilts and arts and crafts personal, tell your story. They end the tour in Julie’s color packed studio and examine her Fassett fabric quilts, antique quilts and a needle turned applique project in process. Sometimes it’s good to slow it down and enjoy the process.

Then watch part 3 which features Jodie quilting up a fused pillow for outdoor chairs.

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