Quilt Fabric Painting for a Beautiful Surface Design

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 301 | July 2011-Week 3

Jodie joins Lonni Rossi in her studio for some hands on surface design. Lonni instructs that you “put on your apron and gloves and let’s play”. Wherever she is, Lonnie is thinking texture and she creates this by using home found objects with the rest of her tools. For this project, she pulls out an old rolling pin wound with string, adds paint and rolls it across the quilt fabric to create a highly textured design.

Jodie tries her hand by adding even more texture and using a different color. Lonnie’s goal is always to go for the texture and give quilters something different.

Later on in the video, it’s back to Viking Pastries to review this month’s books featuring pets. The first book is My Dog Tulip which has nothing to do with quilts but is the name of one of Mark’s dogs. The others feature dogs, cats and birds which are all charming. The quilts from the books that Jodie shows are just delightful. So how does an episode filmed in a pastry shop end? With a cake, of course!

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