Mariner’s Compass Quilt with Hand Quilting

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 112 | June 2010-Week 2

First thing in the morning Mark took off in Jodie’s truck to knock on Jodie’s “Bee Buddy”- Jennifer Yacola’s door. Another northerner turned Southerner, Jennifer wows her Bee friends with every new quilt she makes. And she wowed Mark. She numbers each quilt she makes and calls them “practice quilts” which is why Jodie wanted Mark to meet her. Each one is hand quilted, from her original Mariner’s Compass quilt design to her needle turn appliqué album quilt.

Jodie spirits Mark away from quilting to her favorite restaurant, Milton’s in the newly incorporated Milton, Georgia. There Katherine DeSantis, bar tender extraordinaire, mixes up signature drinks from the south and then from the north for the duo to sample. Find out which ones they liked and which received a thumbs down.

Then watch Part 3 of this series to create a placemat with Jodie.

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  1. Joan, are you asking because you’re not able to watch videos, or is your login not working? First make sure you are logged in by checking at the top right to see if it says “login” which means you’re not.
    Coontact if you have questions.

    jdavis, 3 years ago Reply

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