Birthday Gifts for Quilters & Make a Fabric Banner

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 112 | June 2010-Week 1

June is birthday month for both Jodie and Mark, so what better way to celebrate than throw a party? Mark flies down from New Jersey (north) to join Jodie in her garden in Georgia (south) where they show some great, inexpensive, birthday gifts for quilters and introduce the show with its birthday and north/south themes.

Crafty, crafty, crafty… Up in the crafts room, Mark shows how to make some cute cupcake decorations (Mark and cupcakes?) and Jodie makes a Happy Birthday banner from fabric scraps. And Mark reveals maybe a little too much. But what’s new about that?

Then head over to watch Part 3 which features an amazing Mariner’s Compass quilt!

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