How to Value Your Quilt

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 111 | May 2010-Week 3

Should you get your quilts appraised? What makes a quilt valuable? Can we predict which quilts will become valuable? What should you collect? Holly Anderson, President of The Professional Association of Appraisers, joins Jodie and Mark to answer these questions and more.

Mark and Jodie bring their own quilts as examples. From the front steps of the Tullie Smith House, Jodie and Mark share their picks for quilting books from the Civil War period. From how-to books to a period diary of a young quiltmaker in Illinois, these choices are sure to inspire!

The complete 1st season of Quilt out Loud is also available on DVD!

Quilt Out Loud Season 1 DVD

Quilt out Loud Season 1 DVD

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