Finding Quilting Inspiration through Puppetry

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 110 | April 2010-Week 1

Inspiration is everywhere, but what better place to find it than through the eyes of a child. The Center for Puppetry Arts is the place for puppetry. None other than Jim Henson will cut the ribbon at the dedication ceremony! Jodie and her guest host, Rob Appell introduces the show from the atrium, both having brought their own side kicks. Of course, Jodie’s side kick is her rubber duckie. She is hoping to find Ernie the puppet at the Center. Rob is accompanied by the puppet he has had since his childhood.

Jodie heads off on a tour of the exhibits at the Center with curator Jeremy Underwood. From historical puppets to new age “This is a puppet?” puppets, Jodie learns the definition of what a puppet is, and has her eyes opened to the incredible imagination of puppet makers and puppeteers. At their last stop, Jeremy and Jodie find out where AWOL Rob has been during the tour—and it is off limits to the general public!

Then head over and watch Part 2 as they welcome a guest to talk about teaching kids how to quilt.

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