Upcoming Trends with Strip Quilts

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 109 | March 2010-Week 3

Jodie and Rob arrive at the courthouse in the town square which is now home to the Dahlonega Gold Museum. Ranger Julie Autry gives them the gold tour, including a water cannon that excited Rob, and one of those treasured nuggets which both Rob and Jodie covet. Julie served up some colorful stories of townsfolk of the time. Superstitions and colorful characters abounded wherever gold fever struck! Next, it was time for lunch and there’s no better place to catch a bite than the family-style Southern cooking of The Smith House, which was also home to one of the town’s most enduring personalities. (Jodie recommends the fried okra.) Rob finally gets his dessert at Jodie’s favorite stop in Dahlonega The Fudge Factory. (Just as yummy as Magical threads, though way more fattening.) The Nuggets truly are the best turtles Jodie has ever tasted. And yes, they do mail order! But first, it’s time for some book reviews. The theme is quilts made using strips, like sweet treats.

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