Quilt Out Loud Tours of Winterset, Iowa

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 108 | Feb. 2010-Week 1

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Jodie and Mark open the show from one of the famed bridges of Madison County in Winterset, Iowa. Yes, that Madison County- as shown in the book by Robert J. Waller and the movie starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. They sample a mid-west favorite, cheese curds, which these two Easterners have only heard about. They sound unappetizing, but are great, especially fried! Next stop, Jethro’s BBQ (yes, that Jethro of Beverly Hills) to try Iowa’s own take on fried cheese. Mike Booth, chef at Jethro’s, shows Mark and Jodie how they prepare fried cheddar cheese blocks—a customer favorite!

Then watch part 2 where Mark and Jodi makes a surprise visit on the Fons & Porter TV set.

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