How to Organize Your Quilting Room

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 107 | Jan. 2010-Week 2

Jodie meets up with That Patchwork Place author and friend Cathy Wiersbicki at Office Max to make good on their promise to one another to get organized in the New Year. An office supply store is a quilt studio’s best friend. Jodie and Cathy find lots of items to get the clutter under control so they can get back to sewing! Later Jodie and Mark find themselves at Scheel’s, a sporting goods store. “Sporting goods?” Jodie asks Mark. While Jodie doesn’t go off to buy a new workout outfit (but finds something much better-yum!) Mark heads out to fill up his cart with some great gear for organizing.

Then watch part 3 which talks about all types of sewing threads that you can use for quilts.

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