A Closer Look at the Fons and Porter Quilt Shop

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 107 | Jan. 2010-Week 1

The New Year finds Jodie and Mark in picturesque Winterset, Iowa, sitting on a bench in front of the Fons & Porter Quilt Shop. They illustrate the differences in their personalities when they answer a viewer question about UFO’s, and when they describe their sewing spaces. In fact, with her “Jodie Cam,” Jodie gives you a tour of her sewing studio back at home to invite you to answer the question, “Is Jodie a slob?” and thus introduce the show’s theme: organization. Later, Mark meets up with Janeen Pearson and Tamara Watts of the Ankeny Quilt Guild for a shopping spree at Lowe’s to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions to get organized! From paint buckets to PVC pipe, you’ll be amazed at how many organizational treasures you’ll find at your local home improvement store.

You can then watch part 2 of this series which talks about organizing your quilting room.

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