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Quilt Out Loud | Episode 105 | Nov. 2009-Week 1

Segment 1: What’s Up? It’s October, so it must be International Quilt Market time! And this is a very special Quilt Market for a number of reasons. First, “Quilt out Loud!” taped an entire episode at the Market so you get to see almost everything. And it gets even better, because Jodie is joined by a special co-host, Patrick Lose. Known for his whimsical cats, birds, and holiday-themed quilts, Patrick wears many hats at Market, including designer, author and exhibitor. Jodie and Patrick reminisce about their first Markets they came to which collectively totals over 30 years. They tell the story of how the Market started and this one celebrates the 30-year anniversary. International Quilt Festival celebrates 35 years!

Segment 2: Five Things to Know to get Published

Jodie and Patrick visit the That Patchwork Place booth during setup day at Quilt Market to talk with Acquisitions Editor, Karen Soltys about the five important things one should know to get their book published. Afterwards, they are joined by author, Cynthia Tomaszewski to learn what she does to help her promote new books.

Then head over to part 2 of this video series where they talk about a unique way to mimic hand stitching with the Sashiko sewing machine.

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