The Business of Quilt Fabric and Fabric Design

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 104 | October 2009-Week 2

Meet Michelle Bencko of Cicadia Studios and Cloud Nine Fabrics and designer for Henry Glass, and Gail Kessler marketing director and designer for Andover Fabrics and owner of Ladyfingers Studios in Oley, Pennsylvania. Both come to their roles as quilt designers from very different routes. They talk about such issues as: Why do fabrics start looking the same? Who determines trends, both in fabric pattern and in color? What about knock-offs?

Then learn how Rosie, Gail’s Golden Retriever, became the first canine fabric designer.

Discussions continue about the business of fabric and fabric design with Gail Kessler and Michelle Bencko. Topics discussed are how to get started in fabric design, what design rules the guests break, and the trend to new fibers and how this relates to quilting fabrics. Gail mentions the Nancy Murta Country Blessings pattern.

After this video, please watch part 3 which shows how to sew quilted bags.

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