How to Brand Your Quilting Business

Quilt Out Loud | Episode 102 | August 2009-Week 1

We hope you enjoy episode 2! We begin as Jodie shares the quilt she just finished to enter in the “Crazy for Quilts” contest to benefit the Alliance for American Quilts. She also surprises Mark with his new line of fabric, Oakdale, that he designed for Northcott Fabrics. Then, Mark shows Jodie how to turn plain cupcakes into cute quilt blocks using colored icing and a pastry bag. It’s fun, quick, and easy and your quilting friends will get a kick out of them!

Later, Debbie Kalenty from Quilters Obsession, and Patsy Thompson is featured who has developed a line of videos on free motion work.

Fabric designer and author Linda Lum DeBono join Mark & Jodie to discuss how they started their home quilting businesses from their basements, and have grown them. Topics include, branding your quilting business, using technology as tools to promote yourself and your business and connect with others in the industry, and how a home business impacts the family. The panel offers advice for getting started on your own dream business.

Then watch part 3 showing a snuggly quilt and much more.

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