How to Make Flying Geese Quilts with Paper Piecing

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting | 1700 | Episode 1706

Mary Fons and Eric Drexler explain how to make flying geese quilts using paper piecing tools and techniques. Eric uses a spray to temporarily adhere fabric to foundation paper.Paper piecing is an easy way to help beginning quilters make perfect flying geese quilts. Another option for flying geese is using a template from Fons & Porter.

Now that you have mastered flying geese, try your hand at Flight Pattern or Cosmopolitan. Both quilts feature flying geese.

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  1. Loved watching this technique. Will lookout for the water soluble paper. I do a lot of foundation paper piecing and had not heard of this product before in Australia. I will try to get some from Amazon.

    Julie Beard, 2 years ago Reply

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